AC Input/Output, Pulse Cleaning of Bag House Dust Collectors.


The Timer is a solid-state device producing a pulse of current from each of twelve outputs in a continuous sequence. A single circuit board is used and this is mounted onto an inner metal panel via standoffs.

Field wires are connected to barrier terminal strips located along the bottom edge of the timer board. Pulse ON is indicated by a light emitting diode. Pulse and DWELL times can be change by adjusting the ON and Off potentiometers respectively.

Light emitting diodes indicate the selected output circuit. The one lit is the next to be pulsed.

Two potentiometers located in the upper right hand corner of the circuit  board allow setting of ON and OFF times. Full counterclockwise Rotation gives minimum time and rotating clockwise increases the time duration.

With all switches in the OFF position output occurs at each channel in sequence. When a switch is moved to the ON position the associated channel is eliminated from the sequence.


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