AC Input/Output, Pulse Cleaning of Bag House Dust Collectors.



Collectrol Model 22M sequencers have been used world-wide to switch dampers, solenoids or shakers, used in mainly dust-collector systems, since 1973. They are very reliable and rugged units that do not require routine maintenance. Their design makes them suitable for any continuous sequencing application. 

The Model 22M is a  solid state device producing a pulse of current from each of ten outputs. Light Emitting Diodes indicate the selected output circuit. A single light is ON for the period its output is selected  and goes OFF when the next circuit is selected. It also switches off then on again for the short PULSE ON period.

Pulse ON and PULSE OFF times can be changed by adjusting the ON and OFF timing controls respectively. Field wires are connected to Barrier type Terminal Strips. A metal oxide varistor provides transient suppression across the L1 and L2 input lines. A fuse is located left of terminal strip. Model 22M (multiple Sequence) timers can be CASCADED to give 20, 30, 40, etc outputs. The timers are interconnected by three wires using terminals marked COM, IN and OUT. These are located on the right-hand side of the timer. All the COM terminals are connected together. The OUT terminal of timer #1 is connected to the IN terminal of timer #2. The OUT terminal of timer #2 is connected to the IN terminal of timer #3, and so on until the last timer is connected. The OUT terminal of the last timer then connects to the IN terminal of timer #1. below the terminal strip are two jumpers marked J1 and JN. These jumpers are provided to determine which board will start sequencing first, when AC power is applied  to L1 & L2. Timer #1 will have J1 removed (cut) and all other timers will have JN removed (cut). Every time AC power is removed from L1 & L2, then reapplied, number one output on timer #1 will pulse first.


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