AC Input/Output, Pulse Cleaning of Bag House Dust Collectors.




Collectrol Model 22 sequencers have been used world-wide to switch dampers, solenoids or shakers, used in mainly dust-collector systems, since 1973. They are very reliable and rugged units that do not require routine maintenance. Their design makes them suitable for any continuous sequencing application. The Model 22CX3 is one of a new series of sequencers based on the original well proven model 22. It has been designed to be MORE COMPACT, to have EXTRA FEATURES and to be compatible with the present trends in Dust Collector Controls. Without being intimidating or complicated for the user.

The Model 22CX3 is a three channel solid state sequencer employing integrated circuits and isolate, zero line switched triac output circuits. It is assembled on a 5" X 5" circuit board. The RUN input circuit accepts a 120V AC signal from an external source to start the timer sequencing. Removal of this signal will always stop the sequencing during the OFF period. A switch on the timer determines when the sequence will stop. When in position A the sequence will stop always in position 1 (after all outputs have been pulsed). In position B the sequence will stop in the next OFF period following removal of the signal. The outputs are switched ON in a continuous sequence with an OFF period between each output. Both the  ON and OFF times are adjustable and LED's (light emitting diodes) indicate the channel selected. LED's also indicate ON, STOP AND RUN conditions. A BYPASS SWITCH for each channel allows its associated channel to be removed from the sequence. During system installation and set-up, two switches can be placed in the BYPASS POSITION and one in the ACTIVE position. This allows the active load to be observed continuously, until its operation and adjustments (in the case of solenoids) are correct. Other sequencers with only "last channel selection" do not provide this feature. Valuable time can be saved and frustrations diminished during system installation, when a single output can be selected and pulsed.



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