AC Input/Outputs to Bin Stimulators and Bag House Dust Collectors.


    The CT35 is a Solid-state sequential timer employing Cmos digital logic circuitry and AC triac outputs. Two digitally set timing circuits produce ON and OFF timing periods. Each period is thumbwheel settable from 00 to 99 in single digit steps and each can be set in seconds or minutes. Solid state lamps (11 & 12) indicate when the ON and OFF periods are timing and also which of the 10 output circuits have been selected (I3 to I12). Ten switches are in a single DIP package (S7) allow their associated output circuits to be bypassed when not required. No sequence time is lost due to bypassing. All components are mounted on a single circuit board, designed for direct mounting into a standard NEMA type enclosure. The power supply is transformer isolated, has a replaceable fuse on the circuit board and power line suppression. Field wiring is connected to a multi-position barrier type terminal strip (TS-1). AC line input and wiring to the ten load circuits connect to this terminal strip. Optional terminal strips TS-2 and TS-3 are for connection to a remote ON/OFF power switch and STOP/START circuit for differential pressure control. Plug-on terminals (TA and TB) are provided on the board for connection to a single override push button switch. This allows for resetting of the OFF timing period manually and selection of the next in sequence output circuit, which is energized for the time ON period. All output circuits can be operated in sequence by pressing the override push-button at the conclusion of each ON period. Optional override push-buttons, assigned to specific output circuits can be provided. These are mounted in the door of the enclosure and wired directly to the output terminals on TS-1.

Two thumbwheel switches for each of the timing circuits (ON & OFF) can be changed by either turning the wheel at the bottom of the switch, or by using a screwdriver in the slot in the center of the switch. Both switches can be rotated from 0-9 in single digit steps. This gives a range of 00 to 99 in seconds or minutes, as selected by the two position switch located to the left of the ON switches (S5) and to the right of the OFF switches (S6). The timing is LINE SYNCHRONIZED and no calibration or alignment is necessary. Each of the 10 bypass switches are set to either the ACTIVE (down) or BYPASS (press down upper edge of switch) as required.


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