Collectrol Timer 

Model 24




AC Input/Output, Pulse Cleaning of Bag House Dust Collectors.



Two potentiometers located in the upper right hand corner of the circuit  board allow setting of ON and OFF times. Full counterclockwise Rotation gives minimum time and rotating clockwise increases the time duration.

With all switches in the OFF position output occurs at each channel in sequence. When a switch is moved to the ON position the associated channel is eliminated from the sequence.

The control logic selects an out put circuit during the DWELL period and lights a solid-State lamp, indicating the circuit selected. At the end of the DWELL period a pulse is generated and fed to the output power circuit. This operates the solid-state switch which applies power to the load. Over current protection on the output power circuit prevents damage to the output circuits in the event of an overload. Lamp OCA lights and a reed relay operate for a short duration, applying a dry contact connection to a pair of terminals for connection to a remote annunciator alarm.

Output circuits are selected in a sequence when all bypass switches are in the OFF position. When the  bypass switch for a given output is closed (ON) the logic will skip this output during the sequence. This bypass takes place during the DWELL period, therefore no sequence time is lost.


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