Collectrol Model 22CX10AC
10 Channel Sequencer


AC Input/Output, Pulse Cleaning of Bag House Dust Collectors.


Applying power initially, the control logic selects the first active channel and lights its associated lamp, the STOP lamp will be lit if S1 or S2 inputs are not enabled. Applying 120V AC to the S1 input terminal causes the STOP light to turn off and the ON light to turn on. The control logic then turns the first active triac on for the duration of the adjusted ON timing period. After pulsing the output the RUN light flashes on and off at the rate corresponding to the setting of the OFF 1 timing control. At the end of the OFF period the next channel in the sequence is then selected and the cycle will continue through all active channels as long as the input is applied to S1or S2. Applying 120V AC to the S2 input terminal overrides the effect of the S1 input and will enable OFF timer 2, the RUN o/p light will turn on and the RUN output triac will apply power to the RUN output terminal.

The ON and OFF Times are adjustable. A channel is selected in sequence when its associated BYPASS SWITCH is in the active (down) position. To remove a channel from the sequence place its switch in the BYPASS (up) position.



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